Guarantee and warranty

Satisfied customers are our most prized asset. That is why we do anything we can to prevent problems with our products in advance and, if problems ever really do occur, we try to solve them quickly and unbureaucratically.

Controlled quality

Tophoven products are made using high-quality materials exclusively, with careful processing, and are subjected to strict quality assurance processes before delivery.

2-year guarantee

That enables us to offer a guarantee for the frames, mechanisms and functions of all products on processing and material defects which occur within 2 years of delivery, in addition to the statutory warranty.

5-year guarantee

For selected products, we even offer a five-year guarantee, for example on Bambrella Levante umbrella frames. Your statutory warranty rights are unaffected by this.

Canopy fabrics

Of course, the loads on canopy fabrics are greater in particular due to weathering, and they are therefore subject to more wear. As a result, our guarantee does not include textile materials, with the exception of fabrics manufactured by Dickson,
which have a five-year colour-fastness guarantee.
Of course, your statutory warranty rights are unaffected by this.

What should you do if a defect does occur?

Get in touch with us!

Our customer service team is always there for you and will instigate repairs as quickly as possible. All replacement parts are available at short notice, and can generally be installed within a few days.

Even after the warranty and guarantee periods expire, or if you are responsible for the damage – which does occur from time to time – our customer service will do their best to resolve the problem with as much goodwill as possible and perform repairs rapidly and at a low cost.