Discover Bambrella!

Sunshades, pavilions and accessories made of finest bamboo. For a greener world.

The Bambrella series impresses with first-class finishing and a unique raw material: bamboo. It's environmentally friendly and sustainable, but also has outstanding strength and flexibility properties. Whether sunshades and pavilions which can easily cope with strong gusts, or minimalist designer furniture, which you have definitely never seen before – the options are virtually unlimited.

Bambusschirme von Bambrella

Bambrella Levante

A wooden sunshade made of laminated bamboo, which impresses with a timeless look and a unique natural feel. But that is far from all: The Levante was wind tunnel-tested up to 90 km/h, making it one of the sturdiest natural wooden sunshades in the world. And it is also one of the most environmentally-friendly!

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Other highlights by Bambrella


Bambrella Sidewind

Impressive and extremely stable hanging umbrella. For everyone who needs more freedom, but doesn't want to forego the Bambrella feeling.

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Bambrella Alize Pavillon

Bambrella Alize

Beautiful, storm-proof pavilion. Nominated for the Innovation Award at Spoga 2014! Available in 3 x 3 m (square) and 3 x 4 m (rectangular).

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Circa Chair

Innovative designer hanging chair. A guaranteed conversation starter at every occasion! Ecological, robust and refreshingly different.

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Why choose Bambrella?

  1. 5 year guarantee on the frame, fittings and mechanism
  2. Patented design and sophisticated, user-friendly mechanism
  3. Extremely wind and weather-proof (tested to at least 90 km/h in a wind tunnel)
  4. Top-quality finishing thanks to years of experience in working with wood.
  5. Unique bamboo lamination process
  6. Special natural finish for a natural wood feeling
  7. Perfectly completed with high-quality components from the world of sailing
  8. Protection against sun (UPF 50+) and rain

Why choose bamboo?

  1. Non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, sustainable and renewable
  2. Extremely high density and a tensile strength similar to steel.
  3. Greater surface hardness than most hard woods
  4. Fastest-growing plant in the world, and can thrive on 80% of the earth's surface.
  5. Bamboo absorbs more CO2 than any other plant
  6. Resists warping, splintering and rot
  7. Beautiful look and natural feel



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