mobile professional kicker


The Libero is an extremely solid foosball table with all of the characteristics
of a professional tournament table.

Its sophisticated design an tecnical innovations ensure that it is a delight to play.
It is distinguishes by its use of high quality materials in its precise, handmade structure.

"Libero" is Latin for "the free one". Like everything from flix it is flixible. It only takes 3 minutes to convert the Libero into a box an wheels that is small enough to fit into the boot of your car to take to the next event. The folded up Libero fits into the tiniest of spaces without being in the way.

The Libero is official competition table.






More than just lamps. Wireless, strong and rechargeable, for indoors and outdoors.


Creative Elements

NEW: Creative Elements, the premium portable outdoor furniture. From box to furniture in a few clicks without tools!

Textile Regenrinnen

Textile rain gutters

Connect your large umbrellas to form a huge protective roof and make your terrace more comfortable and profitable!

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