Rapid delivery and simple assembly

New customers

Our range of products is aimed exclusively at commercial customers, e.g. the hospitality industry, architects, specialist retailers or industrial companies.
We will be happy to provide you with all prices. Simply call us or send us a message – we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

In general, in accordance with standard industry practice, we only deliver first orders in return for advance payment, as our products are custom-manufactured for you. We will reward this trust with discounts of up to 4%.

Lead time

Items available from stock are delivered within a few working days and
goods made to order are delivered within 4-6 weeks, depending on the print run, version and model.

Delivery type

Ground sockets and smaller items are delivered by parcel service.
Large umbrellas and most advertising umbrellas are delivered by freight companies.

Shipping costs

Although our products are generally very large and heavy, we do all we can to minimise the shipping costs, and are happy to pass our outstanding freight conditions on to our customers.

Preparatory work

Unfortunately, we cannot perform excavation work such as setting ground sockets. Please contact a local building contractor, gardener or landscaper.

For construction projects on public property, you should ask the responsible urban or municipal authority, which can generally inform you of the corresponding licensed companies which are approved to perform this work.


Assembly of our large umbrellas generally only involves setting up the umbrella and tightening some screws, which means that no special skills are required. Accordingly, most of our customers install their own sunshades.

However, on request, we can provide you with a quotation for the installation of our products via one of our service partners nationwide.


If you are having trouble with the assembly process, we will be happy to provide you with telephone support. In general, the difficulties are based on minor misunderstandings, which are easy to clear up.

If things do unexpectedly prove more difficult, we have a good network of service partners, who will be happy to support you.

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