Windbreak walls: Design a safe outdoor area with the right accessories

Design your outdoor area however you want. Our windbreak elements can be connected to one another and anchored securely in just a few steps. The only limit is your imagination.

Installation accessories

Installation with a base plate and pegs/anchors

  • No foundation work required
  • The ground must be suitable for this
  • Installation in an L-shaped layout increases the stability
  • Base plates can be removed

Installation with floor pins

  • No foundation work required
  • The floor pins are inserted 30 cm into the ground approx (ø 30 mm drill holes)
  • The ground must be suitable for this
  • Can also be used for levelling with other ground fastening systems. For this purpose, the pins do not have to be recessed, they can stand on the ground.

Installation with T-shaped floor stands

  • Suitable for smaller windbreak systems with low wind loads
  • No foundation work required
  • Can be stabilised with pegs or anchors

Stabilisation accessories


Stabilisation with flower pots

  • No foundation work required
  • Particularly stable with a high weight (165 kg)
  • Plants add to the look of your premises
  • Connection with 2 special connecting clamps each
  • Can be connected in 6 different directions

Connection with connecting clamps


  • Connect two elements at 90° or 180° angles
  • 2 connecting clamps are required per connection
  • Easy to install

Connection with hinges

  • For connecting windbreak elements at any angle
  • Can also be used for doors
  • 2 sets are required per connection

Fastening accessories


Profile with rollers

  • Support the weight-bearing elements for doors
  • Facilitate smooth opening and closing

Fastening with a wall mount

  • The wall mount is fastened to the wall (e.g. building wall) with an anchor
  • The windbreak system is fastened to the wall mount via connecting clamp sets
  • Per connection with a windbreak element, 2 wall mounts and 2 connecting clamp sets are required

Installation with joining profiles

  • Ground sockets are set in concrete and can be covered in winter
  • A steel joining profile is inserted and can be secured to 2 elements with two connecting clamps each
  • Very high stability

  • Minimised foundation work
  • Removable

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